Headshots should be updated every other year-this is my rule of thought. Unless you have had a major style change in your life eg weight loss, hairstyle change, piercing etc. there is really no need you get new headshots every 6 months. However you should get headshots done every year at least and every 18 months at most.

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If you are a professional with a profile on LinkedIn and looking to give your job search a boost, an updated photo is always a good idea. Or maybe you are starting a new business and need headshots for yourself and your partners and employees, then a professional branding session is right. Realtors, investors, doctors and even photographers need branding photos that create a great first impression to potential clients and partners.


So here are some tips for getting good headshots at your next branding session:

1. Decide if a studio or outdoor location is where you want your headshots done. Both have their advantages and it really depends on the output you are looking for. Some business owners also prefer sessions at their business offices. Most photographers will bring their lighting gear so lighting is usually not a problem here.


2. Outfit – Again depending on the results you are looking to drive, selecting an appropriate outfit will make or break your next branding session. I always advise bringing two-three outfits to determine if what works best. Be sure to try on the outfit prior and to make use of a steamer to ensure creases are taken care of. A doctor for instance might want scrubs as well as a more casual outfit. Props might also be beneficial during a branding session.

3. Hair and makeup- These are definitely key ingredients to a great branding or headshot session. For the ladies, a soft glam or light makeup is recommended. I always advise the guys to get a haircut a few days before as well as a good shave. Nails etc are important as well in showcasing the right profile.

4. A great smile and confidence РA smile  and confidence can make all the difference in your branding photography session.

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