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Expecting Mamas, we have already settled on the reasons why you should book a maternity photo session and the best timing. The next thing to figure out is what to wear. This question also gets even more complicated if you are including the rest of the family in the maternity photo session. While of course the focus is going to be mom, we want to make sure that everyone in the family is looking their absolute best in the photos.

A lot of moms I know have explored Facebook marketplace for their maternity photos session outfit with much success. Facebook marketplace is such a treasure trove of finds. Most of these outfits have been worn just once (for the photoshoot) and make for affordable options for moms not willing to shell a huge amount for their outfit. Some other options for finding outfits is Amazon, your local Ross store (my wife found her outfit here), Goodwill (for those Mamas who love their thrift) etc.

Here are some outfit ideas

  • Dressy/Formal

charlotte maternity photographer


charlotte maternity photo session

If you are looking for a dressy/formal attire, there are all sorts of options here but a lot of my clients love the colorful flowy gowns that show off the gender the are having. Great and affordable options can be found on Facebook marketplace or Amazon.

  • Casual

charlotte maternity photographer

charlotte maternity photographer

This is a great option especially since you are probably never going to wear that dressy maternity photoshoot dress more than once or twice. A basic outfit from your wardrobe would do just perfectly for your casual theme.


charlotte maternity photo sessions

Milkbaths are complicated and I rarely do these shoots outside friends and family but the results are always so beautiful. A simple swim coverup or white shirt or blouse suffices for this.


charlotte photographer

Whatever your choice of outfit, the most important tip is to be comfortable. This is a very important time in your life and most women are pregnant between 2-4 times in their lives so it is critical to ensure you enjoy the journey and not overthink it.

And now that outfits are out of the way, the next step is to book that session already. As a reminder the best time to have a photo session is between 28 weeks and 36 weeks.




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