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If you have followed me for a while, then you know I love to shoot outdoors quite a bit and in particular parks and nature preserves. This summer though i decided to try a new location for my outdoor session.

Dumebi was visiting Charlotte from Madison Wisconsin and she wanted something different. I have visited Camp North End a couple of times and always thought it would make a beautiful backdrop for a photo session but I have never gotten the opportunity to shoot there professionally. I suggested the location to Dumebi and after some research online she agreed and trusted my recommendation. Don’t you just love it when clients trust your judgement.

Dumebi wanted a simple yet artistic session. She wanted to look cool and elegant at the same time. She shared her outfit details with me and we discussed a mood board for her session. One of the great things about Camp Noda as it is fondly called is that it has so many options. There is grass as well as arty buildings and sculptures. There are railroad tracks, wall graffiti, gorgeous architecture amongst others.  It offers so much creativity that every photographer would fall in love with it easy..

With Charlotte’s recent bout of humidity, we had to wait for the evening to shoot this session and oh was it worth the wait.

charlotte photoshoot
camp north end photoshoot


Dumebi herself was a natural and I did not have to give her much direction as she posed effortlessly. We were able to move around easiy and make magic across Camp Noda. I even tried some risky angles and very much enjoyed being pushed out of my comfort zone.



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