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Growing up, my parents were very intentional about capturing our family’s memories and milestones through photography. They did not have the luxury or technology of digital phones back then so each photo op was a major event for us. My mom would plan outfits weeks before our visit to the studio and I and my siblings would wait with unbearable excitement.

Today, there is little or no reason to wait to get your photo taken. Most families have at least one phone camera they can rely on for cataloguing special moments. Some even have digital cameras comparable to those owned by professional family photographers like myself.

While I am glad for the rapid rise of photographic technology which has made it easy for families to have on demand photographs, I will still make the case for professional family portraits every day. Between our busy schedules and endless to-do lists, it is easy to forget to have family portraits taken. Here are a few reasons why I think it is very important to invest in professional family photos as often as possible.

1.  The Experience

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Family photo sessions are for the most part such a great experience and time for bonding for most families. Yes I know there are a few odd sessions where teenagers are grumpy or toddlers are cranky. For every one of those, there are 50 more memorable lifechanging photo session experiences. I have had families reach out to me after a photos session to thank me for the opportunity to do something different and fun as a family. So if you are a family that loves to invest in experiences versus things, then you should be investing in a photo session as often as needed.


2. Capture Memories

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Yearly family photos capture changes a family might experience, creating a timeline of milestone events. Milestones such as a graduation, wedding, birth change families and photography is a great way to freeze time so you can look back and create a timeline .


3. To Celebrate

If for nothing else, it is important to celebrate life and one another. Photography is such a great way to do this. Whether it is Grandma’s 90th birthday and or Junior’s High School graduation, photo sessions are a great way to celebrate all the accomplishments and growth of your family.


4. Document Growth

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Every parent knows that kids grow way too fast. While we cannot keep our littles, little forever, photography affords us with a way to freeze those little moments .Family portraits are a great way to document their growth progress, watching them change from year to year. Also, looking back on past trends and styles will be sure to provide a laugh in the years to come. Your kids are also sure to thank you in the future as these photos will bring back nostalgia and fond memories of their childhood.


5. Pass on to Next Generation

Family pictures are a great way to pass on the family’s identity. That moment in time has forever been captured, and your future generation can see what their descendants look like. It helps the next generation feel connected to your crew.

If you get portraits done regularly, you show that you hold your family at the utmost priority. Your grandchildren will get to see what you looked like as a younger adult and what their parents looked like through different ages.

This makes family portraits such a great and treasured present for everyone. For instance, family portraits give such a beautiful gift to faraway relatives that might not have the chance to be physically present for all of your family’s milestones.

So when was the last time your family took a family portrait? Spring is such a beautiful time in the Charlotte area with the flowers abloom and the greenery showing off. Send me an email at imagekraftfotography, to book your family portrait session. I am a family photographer in the Charlotte metro are and would love to learn more about you and your family and hopefully become your family photographer.

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