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I have been photographing this lady and her sweet family for over 4 years now. You can say we have all grown together. This is one of the things I love so much about photography. It all starts from one photo session and then you are celebrating multiple milestones and getting to know one another and slowly becoming friends and family. Getting to be a part of events and celebrations is such a honor and I never take it lightly.

I only started dabbling into studio photography a few years ago and I am amazed at how much I have grown in this time. Before moving to the Charlotte area, I had not done too many studio photoshoots. I used to prefer the versatility of the outdoors but as I have grown as a photographer, so has my love for studio photography. Studio photography offers a controlled environment that can be advantageous in summer when shooting outdoors can prove to be a lot and most especially in winter. Weather is one of the factors that promotes studio photography but others include client’s preferences. Another reason I choose studio photography is because if affords little or no distractions that can happen when shooting outdoors.

A lot of  my growth in studio photography has come from watching Youtube videos and taking courses on lighting. And of course practice. My family have so many horribly done studio photos from when I first started out :).


Studio photography is very much about proper placement of lights and knowing your angles. I have also invested overtime in quality gear and paper backdrops. Paper backdrops are definitely my recommendation for any photographer starting to explore studio photography. I also enjoy using themed backdrops for kids birthdays and Christmas/holiday sessions. These are a little trickier so be sure to practice quite a bit. It was such a pleasure having this gorgeous lady celebrating in the studio again and capturing all her growth and resilience.

If you are thinking of exploring a studio photo shoot, be sure to reach out and let’s talk about the different options for a photoshoot I offer at my studio.


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