Weddings are such joy filled, colorful and wonderful events. The bringing together of two families is so special but even more so when both families are from totally different cultures and nations.

This wedding was that and even more. It was such joy to capture the love and joy that this union and journey has begun with. The beautiful Edo and American cultures were on full display and made me proud to see my such beauty and colorful Nigerian traditions being showcased so far away from my native country.

I highly recommend attending a Nigerian wedding at least once in everyone’s lifetime. For a country with more than 200 tribes, you can always expect that no two Nigerian weddings are the same. While this was not my first Edo bride, it was definitely the first one I was shooting in Charlotte and the first one getting married to a non-Nigerian. Have I ever mentioned how great Nigerian food is? If for nothing else, please attend a Nigerian wedding for the food.  Ok also for the hosts because the wedding is to celebrate them right? But be sure to heap your plate with jollof rice afterwards.

I shot my very first African-American wedding just two years back so it was definitely interesting to see both cultures juxtaposed together in one setting and it was beautifully done. The wedding Planner -Jewel of Ruby Events is one of my favorite people to work with in the wedding industry in the Charlotte/Raleigh area. Her attention to detail is unmatched and she definitely was at her very best with this event.

One of my favorite moments from the first day of the wedding was seeing the groom African -American parents all dressed up in Nigerian finery. They looked like they were born to wear those outfits. It was really heartwarming to see how welcoming and embracing both families were of each other. Some Nigerian wedding traditions are quite unique and might be surprising to someone not familiar with these. So to see these families so happy to participate in each other’s wedding day customs was really something special especially in our world today where we tend to focus on our differences rather than embracing these.

Other special moments were the ‘fake bride’ being ushered in and then having the real bride come in to the joy of her new family. This concept was new to me even though I have shot many weddings in Nigeria but as I mentioned, 250 and more tribes mean there is so much to learn about each tribe.

The two day wedding was held at three venues-talk about energy! The reception venues for the traditional wedding and the church wedding are relatively new venues in the Charlotte area and I see them becoming highly sought after as word gets out. One of the venues is owned by a well known event outfit so even better. If you are looking for a airy, open concept venue, definitely check out PINE and The Casey.

The church wedding was held at the gorgeous and serene St Patrick’s Cathedral in Charlotte. Church weddings can be tricky. Most churches have strict policies on photoggraphy and videography during the actual ceremony so we can be limited. I also advise couples to take that into mind when picking a  church they are getting married in. Nevertheless we were able to take good advantage of the church grounds for bridal and groom portraits

The entire wedding was over 12 hours and at the end I was tired, tired but I loved every but of it.

And now I can’t wait to start curating and editing the gallery of photos. Next up, a wedding in Marston, NC!











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