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If you were to ask me what is the most important wedding vendor choice, I would say the photographer. Now you might think me biased and you would be right. But seriously, your wedding memories are what will last a lifetime. Beyond the great food, gorgeous decor, what you will want to remember where those magical moments of your big day and this is where photographers come in.

After all is said and done, photos and images from your big day will last a lifetime and can be passed down from generation to generation. So you should definitely spend some time thinking about who to go with for wedding photography.

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Here are 5 tips for selecting your wedding photographer:

  1. Photographer’s Style: This basically means, do you like the photographer’s portfolio and the way they work? The best way to determine this is to review their website/social media pages etc. If you are privileged enough to be at an event or wedding that the photographer is working, that would be great as well.
  2. Budget: There is a photographer for every budget. I always advise my clients to find a photographer that suits their budget even if that is not me. Some of my clients have had more pressing expenses and I rather they focus on those than regret the photography expense. Usually though I have been able to work with most potential clients and work within budget so don’t let something as tiny as a budget stop you from reaching out. 😉
  3. Location/Time: Where will your wedding be holding? As much as I would love to capture every wedding in the world, there are distance and time constraints that could get in the way. With regards to timing, I usually recommend reaching out to photographers at least 8 months before yoru wedding date to determine and secure their availability for your big day.
  4. Find someone you are comfortable with: This is where the pre-consultation conversation comes in. I like to get on the phone and sometimes on zoom to talk with my clients. Even better if they can make the time are physical meetups at a favorite coffee place or a park nearby or even the proposed wedding venue to discuss your wedding and photography needs.
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Choose me as your Charlotte wedding photographer!

I am a Charlotte wedding photographer with over 7 years of experience. My perfect wedding clients are fun and recognize the immense value photographers bring to their big day. I also love to catalogue families and special events in the lives of my clients like maternity, birthdays etc. I would love the chance to connect with you and discuss opportunities for us to work together.

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